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for Health, Life and Disability

Employee Benefits. Simplified.

It’s simple. Forum takes the hassle out of managing employee health benefits. That means you don’t have to waste any more time learning the lingo and keeping up with constant changes. We hire smart people whose job is to know health insurance and employee benefits backward and forward. When questions and issues arise, we’re here to provide clear solutions and save you money.

Easy benefits everyone.

No matter what your role is within your company, Forum makes employee benefits easier to understand and manage, giving you more time to focus on the financial health of the business.

For Employees

We make benefits easy for employees to understand and use.

For Human Resources

Forum manages employee benefits so you don't have to.

For Shareholders

We help companies operate more efficiently and profitably.

We're here to help

Our job is to make employee benefits easy to understand and easy to manage and ultimately make your company more efficient and profitable. Let us know how we can help you.

Laurie Winston

Account Manager